HELLO  My name is David  APPLEGARTH    APPLES TO MANY   a long standing friend of RAY & FAMILY .

There is a quaint old  saying  (SILENT GRATITUDE IS NOT MUCH USE TO ANY ONE) and so it is that i am pleased to have the chance to say a few words about RAY CLARK TODAY

CLARKIE /  IRISH  / PADDY  Was a dear friend and mate to many like me here today  . In so many ways RAY lived life to  its fullest and gave so much energy to many activities / organisations  and charities alike .
Today i have been asked to relate to you all the wonderful contribution he made to the BDVGA  AS A MEMBER,VICE PRESIDENT CAPTAIN  AND LIFE MEMBER a post which he held with distinction until his passing last week .

RAY joined the vets around 1997 , in the year 2000 in his own unique style he virtually stole the role of VICE/PRESIDENT. I recall we were having a drink in the bar at Pacific. the president of the day announced that the annual general meeting was to take place in a downstairs meeting room  . RAY announced I am going to that meeting to see what goes on with this  committee . When it came to announcing the committee Ray noticed there was no Vice president  asked the question  answer   NO NOMINATION  so Ray  announces   WELL I’M IN  He was accepted and on his way with BDVGA.

After a while on committee Ray as only Ray can decide he saw himself as CLUB CAPTAIN material, a position of some note where he could   MAKE A DIFFERENCE  On waiting for Barry ATKINSON the then captain to move to 2006 Ray got his wish.WELL THE REST IS HISTORY he made the new job his own supported  as usual by Dear SHEELAGH .

The vets went from playing fortnightly to weekly,he negotiated deals with many more clubs and resort courses where we play he influenced more members from other clubs to join us . THE club via his lateral and structural imagination saw many changes. We now have  Match play finals, NAGA PRIZES each week, photo gallery of members and many other competition units of interest to members.The vets website came on line during RAYS time, members were encouraged  to read it regularly for info and make comments also to send E/MAILS rather than phoning about whether or not they could play . I am sure Sheelagh  was relieved  . Here i wish to mention  the number of vets  with computer skills who supported RAY in his endeavours  .THANKS BLOKES as RAY would say i know your work was greatly appreciated by RAY and the rest of us . Match day committees were formed and have become the norm RAY could then sit back and direct operations which he richly deserved to do.

Both at Pacific  and with the VETS i played golf with RAY always with a side bet on the outcome even if only the usual PINT OF GUINNESS .RAY LOVED MATCH PLAY . In recent years RAY would get frustrated and annoyed  at THOSE BLOODY TREES that suddenly jumped out in front of his well hit ball, he thought sometimes that Lady Luck had deserted him and suddenly jumped to the opponents side.

ALSO  one day i recall were playing the first hole v/s others , we finished i had a wash/no points RAY HAD A 3 POINTER  He turned to me and said i will go for the WIN you go for the NAGA  prize. THAT WAS OUR FRIEND  RAY . RAY was very strong willed.  He never let it show that he feared  dying and maintained a happy spirit in spite of the difficulties he was experiencing, In the past few weeks the first give up sign became clear to me. I asked  would we see you at golf on Monday  He said  NO APPLES it hurts me now  to see you guys playing and I will be unable to join you again .

Well today as we celebrate this special guys life amongst us we  could well say THE LUCK WE SHARED IN KNOWING RAY HAS DESERTED ALL OF US,

Our wish for you dear RAY is that in the next phase of your being that there are plenty of golf courses in heaven, lots of choirs to sing with and that you have linked arms with your love ones and friends who have passed before you   REST PEACEFULLY OLD FRIEND