TIMESHEET OPERATION (updated  5 February 2021)
Time sheets currently open 10am Sunday 15 days before the game and close at Midnight on the Saturday before the game.  All additions or withdrawals are expected to be made before the timesheet closes. If there is an emergency change required after the timesheet closes please contact the Captain, preferably  by email.
You can access the site by clicking on the MEMBER LOGIN button under TIMESHEETS  in the green menu of the BDVGA web site. Your “Username” and initialpassword will be supplied to you when your membership is accepted. Once you Login the first time you should change your password and update your contact details. You can then book a time for yourself or up to four people. To delete a name from the timesheet click on the red cross in the box next to or below your name or the name of a person you booked as applicable. The red cross in the box does not indicate a problem with your booking. If you click on “One Golf News” at the bottom right of the login page, there is a User Guide to assist you. Information in this page (Timesheet Operation) will override information in Onegolf News if there is conflicting information.
Most Members want to play early and that is not possible – please initially stay in the time zone you usually play. If you are booking only one or two people, please try to use partially filled rows so full slots are available to those who may wish to book four players. It would also be helpful if you could balance out 1st and 10th tee entries when putting names down to minimise the packing up effort required before the game and hence reduce the number of people who will be given different times to the ones they booked in. The “Known Slow Groups” will be moved if they are in early spots – it is not fair for the rest of the field.
 It will always remain your responsibility to check the sheet after 1800 on Sunday just in case your ‘Tee Time’ may have changed slightly once the Timesheet has been finalised and packed up to eliminate any gaps. You can help, see paragraph above and as follows.
If you find you are not with a person whom you are sharing a cart with or wish to play with, you can use the Members’ Directory to call someone to swap with. When you have agreement for a swap please contact the captain or vice-captain to make the swap. Do not delete you name or someone from the waiting list might slot in there.
As the BDVGA has no paid office staff  there is a need for the ‘helpers’ who process the competition and results, to be back in at appropriate times, so initially some  time slots will be pre-allocated to ensure that the results and Golflink can be finalised as soon as practicable.
Use of the MiClub App for scoring is preferred but still take a card in case of phone or battery problems.When you pay your money on arrival don’t forget to collect your pre-printed score card which will be in time slot order. Results are now being scanned into ONEGOLF as you hand in your card. Please fill in scorecards in a neat and legible manner with legible scoring and sign and hand in personally at the scorecard table. The committee would appreciate your presence at this time so that any queries regarding your card can be resolved and any vouchers/balls owing can be collected.  Unclaimed vouchers and balls will expire if not collected. Scores will be shown on a Leaderboard and Results shown in both RESULTS and ONEGOLF.