Special Conditions for Payments in Advance.


When we play courses such as Gainsborough Greens, Palm Meadows, Brookwater etc

BDVGA is required to pay a non-refundable deposit well in advance and must pay for

all members listed on the timesheet/nomination sheet by the cut-off date usually about the Wednesday before the game or 5 days before the event.

This means that BDVGA no longer has your money as it has been paid to (and is non-refundable by) the organisation where the event is being held.

Special  nomination conditions include payment in advance with payments non-refundable for

withdrawals after  the cut-off date unless agreed to by the Committee for exceptional circumstances following a written submission to the Committee

requesting special consideration and outlining fully the basis for the request. 

Any nominations accepted by the Captain without payment in advance are only on the condition

that the fee owing is liable even if the nominee does not subsequently play.  Membership may be

suspended until such fees are paid. If you nominate someone without their authority you may also

be liable if they do not play/attend.

Preference on the timesheet may be given to those who have paid.

These conditions also apply to any other events where payment is required in advance.