Notice Re: Eligibility Requirements

A number of clubs we play at are becoming concerned about the spread of  social and lifestyle type golf memberships with very limited competition playing rights (or rights that do not include green fees in the membership) that are primarily for maintaining a golflink handicap and are now reluctant to offer discounted green fees to groups with such members. This would seriously affect the beneficial green fees we now enjoy. Consequently it has become necessary to ensure that our membership is made up of genuine club golfers with normal playing benefits. The committee has decided to tighten our membership rules to ensure we are not penalised with respect to losing substantially discounted green fees.

BDVGA members must now be 55 years of age or older, and maintain a normal competition playing membership which includes prepaid green fees eg 7 day, 5 day etc with a  golf club affilliated with Golf Qld Inc. acceptable to the BDVGA committee and have an official AGU handicap. The BDVGA committee may consider extenuating circumstances in approving a limited number of existing memberships not strictly within the criteria eg long standing members with current interstate membership. Members considering changing clubs or member classification within an existing club are advised to check with the BDVGA Membership sub-committee before making any change to ensure that they will still be eligible for BDVGA membership. New members must also supply their club membership classification on their application form. Eligibility may be affected if you change your membership to become a remote member of an Interstate Club or a Qld Country Club or can’t demonstrate that you regularly compete at the club that you are a member of..

It is essential that you check with the Captain before changing clubs or category of membership within your home club to ensure that you do not become ineligible for BDVGA membership.