Matchday Roster Duties

   For normal 2 tee start days two shifts of three people will be rostered. The first shift starts
immediately after you finish golf, the second at 1:15pm sharp. Please liaise with Captain
in the week prior to your roster to ensure you are in an appropriate place on the timesheet.
Different arrangements are made for small fields, shotgun and 1 tee starts. A fourth person may be rostered if additional duties are required eg money collection for resort type courses.
   Procedures for most of the following duties can be found in the blue folder in the green bag.
Although duties may be assigned here to a person with a particular job it is important that all
 work together and help others in busy or down time periods. Duties that are not required
 every week may be allocated as necessary by the Captain or Roster Co-ordinator.
Person Person Duties
1 Computer *Set up tables, computer equipment, leader boards etc
Guru *Liaise with course management re WIFI & leader board
*Ensure all equipment is switched on
* Check that each card has scanned properly
*Enter scores that don’t scan into computer
*Close off files when finished and send results to golf link
2 Cards & Results *Check cards and put in alphabetical order.
 Sheet *Give a ball to those who equal or better ball rundown score
 Processor *Prepare result sheet with winners and NTP’s etc for presentation
*Note HIO, Eagles etc on bottom of scoresheet
*Prepare voucher envelopes and NTP balls for presentation
 3 Vouchers/ *Prepare voucher and ball list in timetable order Sunday PM
Balls/Shirts *Give out vouchers and balls on list from previous weeks
*Collect fees from new or unfinancial members
*Generally answer queries from members
*Bring  shirt box to front table (usually stored in Pro Shop)
*Handle shirt purchases
*Return NTP holders and markers to Pro Shop
 4 Occasional *Collect money for special days eg resort courses
Extra Duties * Take photographs of those not already in member photo gallery
To be Alloc. *Other duties as determined by Captain or Roster Co-ordinator